2nd body paragraph-

The book Little Brother showed a society can go against the government and succeed. This lesson has been shown throughout the history of America and also in the book Little Brother and 1984. In the book Little Brother, this is explaned when Marcus says "I had organized the Xnet. I had won. And if I hadn't won, I had done everything I could have done. More than I ever thought I could do " ("Cory"). He did it all by himself and showed that he could do more that he imagined. People realize that they are stronger than they think and learn that they can make a change on their own. In 1984, Winston and Julia have a secret affair to go against the government. This shows that there is some ability to go against the government when there is no hope at all. When George Orwell says, " For a creative writer possession of the truth is less important than emotional sincerity," ("George Orwell Quotes"). In this quote he is talking about the importance to know the truth and not just how emotional something is to persuade people to thik that it is true. This is what Winston had in the book. He had the trruth and that was the most important thing. He could have done great things with this and maybe could have taken down the government but he just did not have the help he needed. The truth is powerful and that is what people need to defy the government. People will go against the government and that is why there has always been riots, and there always will be. The bonus army("Bonus Army -" ) is an example of how Americans have responded to the government in a peaceful protest/ riot. These people did not get what they deserved so they decided to do something about it. This march led them to get paid, and also showed that the American government is still ruled by the People and for the People. Marcus did the same thing as these veterans. He deserved something, (in this case freedom) and went to go get it. He said, "We win freedom by having the courage and the conviction to live every day freely and to act as a free society," ("Cory"). This is what freedom is about. It is abour earning it and people realize from this book that they can get it all by themselves. They can not wait for somebody to do it, but they can fight for their freedom all by themselves.Christmas Day Bombing ("Mossad") was just one man that did something against the government. People are now terrified to go on planes just because of this one man. This proves the point that one man can do so mcuh to affect an entire government. This also shows that the government cannot be trusted with the saftey of Americans because this slipped through their lines and was not caught.Also in 1984, it shows how one man that tries to do damage fails and the price that is paid. Although this happened, one logical route was this,"If there is hope, wrote Winston, it lies in the proles."(George Orwell-1984). He had the chance to do something incredible and the proles who are just ordinary people had the power to change the world. Ordinary people, not just the inner party members but the ordinary people had the power if they chose to over throw the government. Little Brother's and 1984's message is understood by most Americans now that one man did so much damage.