3rd body paragraph-

The teachings of 1984 and Little Brother show that Americans as a society are going to become more independent and will not use government operated sites anymore. People are going to stop trusting the government completley, and they are going to want to do everything on their own. It is no surprise that people are already starting to doubt the government especially after the bombings of 9/11. This led to the PATRIOT ACT which many people found contraversial. USA Patriot Act("USA PATRIOT Act"), this shows that the government has taken control of personal lives and many people find that invasive and it is hard to trust somebody, even the government, that is invading your personal lives so this will lead to more individualistic lives. Also many people do not fly because of some of the bombings because they do not trust the government with theit lives. Also, parents have come to their senses and have started to teach their kids more at home then they are letting ethem go to a public or private school. 1.1 million homeschooled("1.1 Million"). This link shows that parents are more catious now more than before. They want to teach their kids more at home because of how invading public shcools have become. This is a perfect example that the American society is relying on themselves now more and will continue untell they do not trust the American Governmnet at all. They are going to not want to trust them anymore and are not going to help the government. If America keeps going in this direction, there will be huge irony involved in it. This is because people were scared in the 1920's about individualistic government and communist taking over. The Red Scare this is what America will become if they become individualistic. They do no tknow it but htey are going for what they feared the most, and this will send America into a tailspin and the government will cease to exist. Then people will no longer have any control what so ever and the entire U.S. will be in shambles. This needs to be stopped and the government has to step in and make people safer and make it seem that they are not oppressing the people. American government and with the Americans themselves are going to a place both of them might cease to exist. Both of these teachings have been taken into account and they are leading Americans to place where they might just fall apart.