Catch that kid ("You Tube - Catch").This movie showed what the kids can do against the "government" so to speak. These kids need something and decide to act on it. Just like in the book Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, these kids try to outsmart the government for something that they believe in. This trailer showed what kids can do against police all by themselves. In the book 1984 by George Orwell, the government is very controlling and watches everybody's every move, and member of the government, Winston, wants to do something about it. He acts out against the government and is eventually caught. This book truly shows what the government can do to a society and how controlling they can be. Also in the book Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow, a kid acts out against the government who have taken over his city and taken his friend. His successes are thanks to an internet device called the X- Net that he uses to talk to other teens that are opposed to what is happening in their city. These two books, Little Brother by Cory Doctorow, and 1984 have taught society two lessons, the government can become very controlling and, maybe it has, and that average people can do something about oppression from the government. From these two lessons. One can assume that America is going to become a more independent nation that does not trust the government.

The first lesson that 1984 and Little Brother has taught us is that the government can become very controlling and sometimes not trusted. Like in the movie enemy of the state, ("You Tube - Enemy ") it shows how the government can control one innocent person's life. This is exactly what they did to Marcus in the book Little Brother. He was just an innocent bystander who got caught near a terrorist attack on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco, and was taken into custody by the government who then watched his every move. A lot of the other Americans had this same fate too, as Marcus said, "But most of the people they hold up aren't doing anything wrong, Dad,' I said. This was getting to me. My own father! 'It's crazy. For every guilty person they catch, they have to punish thousands of innocent people. That's just not good'" ("Cory"). This lesson was learned by Americans and they are aware of how much the government is watching them. They have cameras everywhere in school, and on the streets of London. Just like in the book 1984, there are telescreens everywhere showing that the government is becoming to controlling. It is powerful when it is said in 1984, "It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU" ("George Orwell-1984"). Also they say that "You had to live -- did live, from habit that became instinct -- in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized" ("George Orwell -1984"). This shows that nowhere is safe in 1984 and that every movement is being watched just like in London and Arapahoe. Also in airport security, they have learned that the government can pull people over for no reason at all. This is questioned by most of Americans and they want this taken away. The new full body scan has made it so that it can see every part of a person and that is an invasion of privacy. This is shown on the link full body scan ("Naked") and this is the reason why people do not trust the government with this. It shows everything about this man except the parts that he needed to make a bomb. Like in the book Little Brother it is really powerful when said that, "So if you drove a car, you were just as likely to be pulled over by an SFPD cruiser that wanted to know why you were taking so many trips to the Home Depot lately, and what was that midnight drive up to Sonoma last week about?" ("Cory"). This shows that the government is watching them and does whatever they want because they think that it is justified. The government just became to powerful to fight and they pulled over everybody because they could. This is why the government is very controlling, and why they cannot be trusted at times.

The book Little Brother showed a society can go against the government and succeed. This lesson has been shown throughout the history of America and also in the book Little Brother and 1984. In the book Little Brother, this is explained when Marcus says "I had organized the Xnet. I had won. And if I hadn't won, I had done everything I could have done. More than I ever thought I could do “("Cory"). He did it all by himself and showed that he could do more that he imagined. People realize that they are stronger than they think and learn that they can make a change on their own. In 1984, Winston and Julia have a secret affair to go against the government. This shows that there is some ability to go against the government when there is no hope at all. When George Orwell says, “For a creative writer possession of the truth is less important than emotional sincerity," ("George Orwell Quotes"). In this quote he is talking about the importance to know the truth and not just how emotional something is to persuade people to think that it is true. This is what Winston had in the book. He had the truth and that was the most important thing. He could have done great things with this and maybe could have taken down the government but he just did not have the help he needed. The truth is powerful and that is what people need to defy the government. People will go against the government and that is why there have always been riots, and there always will be. The bonus army("Bonus Army -" ) is an example of how Americans have responded to the government in a peaceful protest/ riot. These people did not get what they deserved so they decided to do something about it. This march led them to get paid, and also showed that the American government is still ruled by the People and for the People. Marcus did the same thing as these veterans. He deserved something, (in this case freedom) and went to go get it. He said, "We win freedom by having the courage and the conviction to live every day freely and to act as a free society," ("Cory"). This is what freedom is about. It is about earning it and people realize from this book that they can get it all by themselves. They can not wait for somebody to do it, but they can fight for their freedom all by themselves. Christmas Day Bombing("Mossad") was just one man that did something against the government. People are now terrified to go on planes just because of this one man. This proves the point that one man can do so much to affect an entire government. This also shows that the government cannot be trusted with the safety of Americans because this slipped through their lines and was not caught. Also in 1984, it shows how one man that tries to do damage fails and the price that is paid. Although this happened, one logical route was this, "If there is hope, wrote Winston, it lies in the proles."(George Orwell-1984). He had the chance to do something incredible and the proles who are just ordinary people had the power to change the world. Ordinary people, not just the inner party members but the ordinary people had the power if they chose to over throw the government. Little Brother's and 1984's message is understood by most Americans now that one man did so much damage.

The teachings of 1984 and Little Brother show that Americans as a society are going to become more independent and will not use government operated sites anymore. People are going to stop trusting the government completely, and they are going to want to do everything on their own. It is no surprise that people are already starting to doubt the government especially after the bombings of 9/11. This led to the PATRIOT ACT which many people found controversial. USA Patriot Act ("USA PATRIOT Act"), this shows that the government has taken control of personal lives and many people find that invasive and it is hard to trust somebody, even the government, that is invading American’s personal lives so this will lead to more individualistic lives. Also many people do not fly because of some of the bombings because they do not trust the government with their lives. Also, parents have come to their senses and have started to teach their kids more at home then they are letting them go to a public or private school. 1.1 million homeschooled("1.1 Million"). This link shows that parents are more cautious now more than before. They want to teach their kids more at home because of how invading public schools have become. This is a perfect example that the American society is relying on themselves now more and will continue until they do not trust the American government at all. They are going to not want to trust them anymore and are not going to help the government. If America keeps going in this direction, they are going to end up in an individualistic type society. Individualism, ("Individualism") is what America will become if they become non-trusting in the government. They do not know it but they are going for what they feared the most, no safe government to watch them and this will send America into a tailspin and the government will cease to exist. Then people will no longer have any control what so ever and the entire U.S. will be in shambles. This needs to be stopped and the government has to step in and make people safer and make it seem that they are not oppressing the people. American government and with the Americans themselves are going to a place both of them might cease to exist. Both of these teachings have been taken into account and they are leading Americans to place where they might just fall apart.

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow and 1984 by George Orwell, have taught society two lessons. The first is that government can become to controlling and may not be trusted sometimes, and that a society can change the government. Also, it showed that as a society, people are going to do something about the government to change it. The riots, movements and all of the bombings have proven that. Also, the government has done some pretty controversial impliments that have left American skeptical. Imagine a world today with no everybody happy and the government not oppressing the people. Even today there are examples that they are watching everybody, they can even see this essay right now. The government has to change, or the people will do it for them as shown in the Christmas Day Bombing.

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